Pumpkins and Princesses

My co-leader for Achievement Days came up with this really great poem about pumpkins and our Divine Nature.  She tied it into the fact that Cinderella’s pumpkin was made into a beautiful carriage, and that since they are daughters of God, that makes each one of themprincesses.  So instead of always thinking about all of the spooky scary things of Halloween, they have something more uplifting to remember when they carve out those pumpkins each year.  They are royal princesses, just waiting for their carriage to take them to the temple, then eventually back to our Father in Heaven!


I followed up by bearing my testimony about our Divine Nature, and that during the October 2013 General Conference, I felt impressed to make sure that the girls understood that Heavenly Father loves each of them.  After all, we are asked to call Him, Father.  They are such great girls, and I feel so blessed to be able to plan activities for them!

After the short lesson, I passed out pumpkins and Shelby passed out paint and paint brushes to allow them to each decorate their pumpkin.

They seem to really enjoy those messy activities.

A few of the pumpkins close up.

A few of the pumpkins close up.

The group showing off their pumpkins!

The group showing off their pumpkins!

Below are the pictures that I took from the activity.  Click on any of them to see them closer up.

All in all, it turned out to be a pretty great activity!



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