A Horse of Course

This past Wednesday (yesterday) my wonderful companion in crime planned a fabulous activity for the achievement day girls.  We thought that it would be special to get out of the church and do something different.  So, with the idea of learning a little bit about horses, Shelby took the ball and ran with it.  Her mother owns a nice little piece of land where they have two horses and one pony.  She was more than willing to have the girls over to teach them about how to take care of horses!

It was too dark to ride, but the girls did get to pet the horses and learn a little bit about approaching them.

The night was nice and crisp, so afterward, we all headed back to the house where a fire was lit, and marshmallows were roasted and made into s’mores!  Hot chocolate was even served!  I am very grateful to have a wonderful cohort in crime who comes up with such cute ideas!  It sure helps that the girls adore her!

Thank you Shelby for heading this activity up!  I think this will be a hands down, favorite activity for these girls!

I didn’t take as many photos as I normally would have, just because I was concerned about bothering the horses with a flash.

I’m posting all of the pictures in hopes that there is a decent one of each of the girls.

100_4735 100_4736 100_4737 100_4738 100_4739 100_4741 100_4742 100_4743 100_4744 100_4745 100_4746


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