December Overview

What a month.  I can’t believe it is over already.  The year 2013 is gone.  Anything that I had planned to finish in 2013 is now getting bumped to 2014.  Let’s do a recap.  We had a great Thanksgiving.  We made turkey dinner here at our house, and we eased into December by decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving.

The tree is up and decorated!

The tree is up and decorated!

The lights I put up on our tree.

The lights I put up on our house.


Bug's ginger bread house.

Bug’s ginger bread house.

Bunny's gingerbread house.

Bunny’s gingerbread house.

Little Cowboy's ginger bread house.  He put a few of those candies on, I promise!

Little Cowboy’s ginger bread house. He put a few of those candies on, I promise!

Our elf didn't get into as much trouble this year.

Our elf didn’t get into as much trouble this year.

I had lofty plans to make most of the gifts for the girls, but alas, about 1 week into the month, I got sick.  It started out as a sniffly cold and progressed into a serious fever and chills on our anniversary (the 21st).  I felt okay throughout the day, and Hoss and I were able to go out to lunch to celebrate, but later that night after our ward Christmas party, I crashed hard.  I don’t get that sick very often.  In fact, the last time was last year right after Christmas, I was sick for my birthday.  Anyway after the fever, I had a continual fog in my head for the remainder of the month.  Good times, right?  It turns out, I have had a sinus infection.  I went to the doctor just a few days ago and he got me on an antibiotic and I’m slowly starting to feel better.  I’m hoping it gets nipped in the bud.  I’m ready to be healthy!  Everyone in the house caught some form of the bug except for Bunny.  She has escaped it.  Bug started coughing just after Christmas, and Little Cowboy started coughing probably sometime early Christmas week.  Hoss got hit hard on the 23rd in the evening.  He wanted to call in sick on Christmas Eve, but even though he had a fever, he knew the job needed to get done.  At UPS, the time between the beginning of November and the end of December is called Peak Season.  It is essentially the busiest time of the year.  People sending packages in order to have them arrive to their destination just in time for Christmas, has these guys working until they are forced to clock out due to driving regulations.  They don’t have the luxury of taking much time off during this season, and Hoss put on his warm clothes and did his best.  He had to work the days after Christmas that week as well, but he was able to request the 30th and the 31st off, giving him a 5 day weekend (Saturday through Wednesday).  That was seriously needed in order to really recover.

So, we celebrated our anniversary, 11 years for Hoss and myself!  We had been talking about that day 11 years ago.  It feels like the time has flown by, yet there are so many events and things between the details, that sure enough fill up that time.  I am so blessed to have Hoss.  He is my best friend, and if I couldn’t have any other friends ever, I’d be okay with having him.  It’s hard to believe that we only knew each other for 2 weeks before we planned to be married.

Next was Christmas.  While I didn’t get to make all the things I wanted to make (aprons, skirts, and dresses), we did have a pretty great Christmas, mingled with disaster and trauma.  Ooo yes, trauma.  If you do not know yet, you are about to be informed.

We spent our Christmas morning much like anyone would spend it.  Opening presents, relaxing, exploring gifts, and napping.  A reminder, I had been sick half the month, and Hoss was very sick at that time as well.  Bunny got some clothes from Santa, and a sewing kit!  She has been doing so much sewing, that it only seemed natural.  She really loved it.  She got a cute box, some scissors, needles, pin cushion, and a measuring tape.  Bug got some clothes as well from Santa, but he brought her a cooking set.  Forget the “Easy Bake Ovens” She was getting the real deal!  She was very thrilled with what she got.  She got a Rachel Ray cook book for kids, measuring spoons, measuring cups, a rubber spatula, and a kitchen knife!  Both girls got an apron from their Aunt Kendra, measuring spoons, and a cookbook made by her, that they get to illustrate (Note: Aunt K, they love the cookbooks that you made them more than the Rachel Ray one)!  They are so thrilled with their gifts!  Little Cowboy got a play dough garbage truck and some Mr. Potato Head toys from Santa Claus.  He has received so many hand-me downs, that he didn’t need any clothes this year!  Ultimately, I felt like it was a well thought and gifted Christmas.

Bug got this from mom and dad! Fun art stuff!

Bug got this from mom and dad! Fun art stuff!

Bunny also got this cute little vintage perfume sprayer--that doesn't even work. :/

Bunny also got this cute little vintage perfume sprayer–that doesn’t even work. :/

LC's play dough garbage truck.

LC’s play dough garbage truck.

By the time the presents were unwrapped, and having stayed up until 2:30am waiting for little girls to go to bed, so I could “report to Santa” that they were asleep, I fell asleep on the couch.  The kids quickly started to get into their gifts and play with them.  Bug was not excluded from this.  She wanted to get her cooking stuff and get it put in the box that came with it.  She wanted her knife out, so she could see it and try using it on some cucumbers.  I sleepily said that we should wait to open it, when I could be there to help her.  That idea must have been lost in the air… the knife was brought out, and Bug successfully cut her cucumbers up.  Hoss wisely instructed her to clean it and put it in the dish rack to dry.  She did clean it, but she did not leave it in the dish rack.  He went and laid down on the bed, too trying to sleep in order to get well.  The next thing I know, I hear Bug screaming out as I realize she must still have her knife.  I sprang from the couch to find her in a bloody mess.  She had sliced her finger.  It didn’t take long for me to see this was going to need medical care, as the blood pulsed out.  I grabbed some paper towels and locked into autopilot.  All I thought about was compress that wound.  Stop the bleeding and see the damage.

Hoss came out in a bleary eyed fog trying to figure out what happened.  I lifted up the paper town to get a look, saw how deep it was and how much blood was coming and asked for a clean dish cloth.  Hoss grabbed it, and as I switched from paper town to dish cloth, I showed Hoss, not thinking much of it.  I said, “She has got to go to the hospital.”  I was very willing to let Hoss take her.  I didn’t even have a bra on for heaven’s sake.  So, I was getting everything ready and was about to ask Hoss to get ready to leave, when I saw him stumbling out of the corner of my eye.  **I type this, and it seriously took a fraction of the time for all of this to happen.. even if I told you the events, it would have all happened within a few seconds of time.**  My dear sick husband who had not eaten anything yet that day had passed out.  The sight of the wound was too much at the time.  You could see the tissues that keep the bones warm just under the skin.  I thought he had just tripped, but he had passed out.  He made his way to the bed, and I realized that I needed to take Bug to the hospital myself.  I looked Bug in the eye and told her to hold onto the towel and press tight, not letting go.  She looked at me with her big giant eyes and nodded.  I went into the bedroom to get dressed and found Hoss laying on the bed.  No, not just laying there, he was convulsing!  We figure that the combination of no food, being sick, and half asleep, then seeing the trauma put him in shock.  Bunny was sobbing in her bedroom, and Little Cowboy was just standing there perplexed not knowing what to do.  I really am blessed that he remained calm.  He didn’t even try to follow me out of the house, which was a worry.

I turned to Hoss, hovered over him and did my best to bring him to.  I slapped him I think.  He doesn’t remember, so that is a good thing.  He finally came to and was pretty foggy.  I got in his face and asked him if he is going to be alright for me to leave him with the kids.  I nodded, stood and seemed fine, so Bug and I zipped out the door.

I’m very grateful that very few people found the need to be on the roads Christmas morning.  The hospital is a good 20 minutes away, and it took me about 10 to get there.

I will say that Bug is a champ.  She is so brave and tough.  She didn’t even cry after the initial cutting.  The sad thing is, as we were driving, she asked, “Mommy, did you bring my finger?”

The poor dear thought she cut off her finger!  I reassured her that it was fine, it was just a very deep cut that required stitches.  Her finger was definitely in tact.

Overall, the whole situation was pretty traumatic.  The doctors and nurses were very good to her.  They probably were looking at me wondering why I was so frazzled.  No one wants to wake up like that.. that’s for sure.  Later, the full story came out.  Bug was trying to cut the zip tie off of her new measuring spoons.  She just thought the knife was going to be a good tool to use.  That is what happened.  The knife slipped, and she hadn’t had the proper training to understand that you don’t cut towards yourself, let alone cut anything in your hand.  It was a lesson learned.  I just wish I could have taught it to her the easy way, rather than the hard way.

Five stitches.

Five stitches.

The family cramming in for a little breakfast/lunch at Denny's!

The family cramming in for a little breakfast/lunch at Denny’s!

After the excitement, we all went to Denny’s for lunch.  None of us had eaten breakfast, so we were pretty hungry.  We ate then went home and napped safely with all children tucked in bed.  It is interesting, but I went through a phase over the next few days where I had a hard time leaving the children alone at all…even to go to the bathroom.  It was a very strange feeling.  Luckily that is relaxing a bit, but I am still worried about someone getting into the knives while I’m in the other room.

Today Bug got her stitches out.  They said it was healing very nicely.  We have been meticulous to clean it good and put the antimicrobial ointment on it twice a day.  Soon the scab will be gone, and she will have a scar as a reminder.  Never cut anything in your hand!

The knife has sat unused so far.  I even have a hard time with it.  Bug looks at it like it is evil, and even though it has a sheath for it, she didn’t want it in her cooking box.  I’m hoping she will get over her fear of it.  She is very interested in cooking, and now that she has her stitches off, I’m hoping next week, she will be breaking in her new cookbooks and utensils… with my supervision of course!

Then after Christmas was my birthday.  Some fabulous friends from church took me out to lunch.  I really am blessed to have such great friends here!  We went to the new Buffalo Wild Wings here in town, then on a small shopping spree.  We went searching for my new purse, which I love!  I also got some much-needed new shoes, as mine were very worn out with holes in the toes.


The next day I went to the doctor, who got me on my meds to get rid of my sinus infection.  That night we went to a New Year party that the Spanish Branch put on and invited our ward to.  It was a fun time with lots of yummy food.  They sure know how to party!

January 2nd, Hoss was back to work.  Although, he only had 2 days to get through before the weekend.  With all of the events and sickness, I’m sure he could have used those 2 days to rest and get prepared for next week.  But alas, life can’t stop, and we are getting back into the swing of life as we know it.

House cleaning, laundry and hopefully next week, we will start school back up.  I have decided to not start with public school (which starts on the 6th), but wait until the next Monday to start.  A few reasons, 1. I would like to be rid of the sinus infection, and 2.  We do, after all, need to celebrate one more thing… Bunny’s birthday!  She’ll be 10 next week!

Our December in a nutshell.  Pretty action packed, I know!  I Hope your holidays were filled of Christ, and your New Year is full of possibilities!


One thought on “December Overview

  1. Bunny is almost 10! Totally crazy….Bugs, don’t be afraid of knives. You’ll be okay, just be smart! I didn’t realize that Hoss was so sick when we talked to you Christmas Day. Stay well!!!

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