Simplifying Part 2

I planned to type this blog post up at the end of Thanksgiving.  I’m not even sure exactly what I wanted to say.  I do know that it was in regards to our decision to pull the toys out of the house and put them in storage.  So, not knowing exactly what I was inspired to share, here I go.

We have now had most of the toys, except for a few select sets out of the house for about 9 weeks!  I can’t believe that much time has gone by.  The things I did leave in the house were Little Cowboy’s trains, and a box of assorted toy animals.  Every single toy of the girls was taken out of the house.  You can read about it here —> Simplifying Part 1.

Here are the after pictures of the girl’s room.  I didn’t take the after pictures of the rest of the house, but I will.

The "made" bunk beds. Bug and Bunny make their own beds.

The “made” bunk beds. Bug and Bunny make their own beds.

The dresser area.

The dresser area.

The closet area.

The closet area.

The blanket storage area.

The blanket storage area.
I couldn’t get him to hold still long enough to take a non-blurry picture, and he wanted to be in it…

I can’t remember a time when they have asked for a specific toy.  They have asked a few times, “When can we get some toys out?”  Bunny has asked for a stuffed animal she really likes.  But other than that, nothing.

I don’t intend to never let them have the toys again.  That isn’t my point.  Toys are great, and they are fun, but we had too many for the space in which we have to store them.  They were overwhelmed.  Now, they aren’t as overwhelmed.  Both girls have played pretend outside, and inside.  They have spent a lot of time coloring, drawing, and learning new art techniques, like working with oil pastels.

So, in the next few months, I will go through the toys in the storage unit and organize them, get them separated into appropriately sized boxes/totes, and bring home a set and switch out when they are ready.  I will do the same with Little Cowboy’s toys.

While I had our house completely organized with everything in a place, we have regressed slightly.  Most of us spent the full month of December and into January sick.  So, we got a lot behind on chores, tidying up, and laundry.  That beast is growing again.  But now that we are feeling better, and I am thinking I may have beat my sinusitis and bronchitis, I have been feeling more motivated to do.

I look forward to the rest of the week, spent in folding clean laundry, washing more, and putting everything back where it belongs!  I’ll write an update once I get all of their stored toys sorted, and we start rotating them out.  Until then, I’ll keep letting them play using their imaginations.


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