Strive to Be


Girl’s night out. Silly silly girlies!

If you haven’t noticed, I changed the name of my blog, and the subtitle.  I struggle to name things sometimes.  I can write a novel, and make up elaborate stories, but naming them, or anything can stump me.  But after my last post, I decided that I needed to change it.  Striving.  It just felt like it fit me better.  I wish I could claim that I was already a super mom, wonder woman wife, merry maid homemaker, world class chef, scriptorian, tenured world class professor of Curtis Academy, nutritional expert, artist, athlete,….. and the list goes on.  I wish. Alas, this life is here for me to learn how to be all of this.  Little. By. Little.  I’ve tried doing it all at once, but it just doesn’t happen.  Small and simple steps make the most progress I’m learning.  So Striving fits the name of my blog, because I am doing just that.  I am sometimes barely making it along, but I’m trying.  I’m working, I’m learning, and I’m dealing with life as it comes at me.  That’s all I can do!



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