Recipe: Vegetarian Stir Fry with Bulkogi Sauce


I used a lot of vegetables here.  So I doubled the sauce.  My best advice is to just kind of go with it.  If you feel like you need more sauce, then make more.  🙂  I am more of a cowboy style cook.  I just put things together most of the time, making new variations to recipes that I used to follow.


Any and all vegetables that you want to stir fry
I use:
2 Tbs Olive Oil
1 Tbs Peanut Oil
Various bell peppers (red, orange, green)
Baby Bok Choy
Rice wine vinegar
Asian noodles of your liking

Salt and Pepper to taste

1/4 soy sauce
1-2 cups fruit nectar

Cut up your veggies the way you like them, then heat your wok or saute pan to medium high heat.  Let get really hot.  Pour the nectar over the veggies to let them soak while the pan is heating up.  Once it is ready, add the oils to the pan and let the oils heat nicely.  Swirl or spread to cover the entire pan, then add your vegetables.  I add everything except the bok choy and the cabbage and stir fry them.  While that is cooking, boil the water and cook your noodles.  Strain and rinse with cold water.   After the vegetables have broken down, splash some rice wine vinegar over them, and stir well (I eyeball about 2 TBS depending on how many veggies I am cooking).  Once the vegetables  are close to done, add the bok choy and the cabbage and stir fry those for a few minutes.  Then add the sauce and continue to cook until it has the desired consistency of “done-ness.”  Stir in the noodles and let heat, then serve with steamed rice or alone.  I love to eat kimchi with this and make lettuce wraps.

This recipe can be modified to include meat.  Just marinade the meat with the sauce (the longer the better), and stir fry the meat until fully cooked first.  Then start the process of cooking the vegetables, adding the cooked meat at the end.  If you are using the sauce that you marinaded the meat in , you will need to ensure enough cooking time to ensure there are no raw juices left.


This recipe has been a huge family favorite for many years now.  We love Korean cuisine, and while it isn’t completely authentic, it is still pretty good!